Crossmeta project aims to share data between Linux and Windows systems at ease.
With its native support for EXT2/EXT3, XFS and Reiserfs in Windows 2000, 2003 and XP access your valuable data from Linux partitions at very high-performance, local disk access speed.

Additionally share them over the network using NFS or SMB protocol.

System Requirements
•Windows 2000 SP3 and above
•Windows 2003 and XP Pro (32bit)
•Vista and Windows 7 (32bit) New


Manager: Sammandam Supramani

Developer: Sammandam Supramani

Latest news

CROSSMETA for Windows Release 2.0
CROSSMETA 2.0 provides improved POSIX environment in Windows
Added by Sammandam Supramani almost 2 years ago

CROSSMETA FUSE Kernel 1.2 Released
The release 1.2 of CROSSMETA includes FUSE like interface to develop user mode file systems in Windows.
Added by Sammandam Supramani over 6 years ago

CROSSMETA 1.1-RC1 Released
The first release of Crossmeta with 64-bit drivers for Windows Vista/ Win7
Added by Sammandam Supramani almost 7 years ago

CROSSMETA 1.0.4-RC1 Released
Crossmeta 1.0.4 release with EXT4 file system support is available for download from [[Files]] section.
Added by Sammandam Supramani almost 7 years ago

Crossmeta 1.0.3 released
Crossmeta 1.0.3 release includes support 32bit Windows Vista/2008 Server and Windows 7.
Added by Sammandam Supramani about 7 years ago

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